• Rotors for Elevation and Azimut

    DARC C12 provided me a set of Emotator rotors and control boxes. These have been kept in storage for decade(s) and the grease was sticky, almost like waxe. After some WD-40 and mechanical force, the auto-latching breaks could be cleaned up. The rest of the gear box will be cleaned with benzine and lubricated with […]

  • LEO ground station

    Purpose Radios Make & Model Yaesu FT-857D by DL0RUS Expectation no modifications or known issues CAT control & audio data SignalLink USB from IC-756proIIImake up wire harness, sockets available Microphone MH-31 stock, working Power stock sockets, working Make & Model Yaesu FT-857D by DL1XMW Expectation Mic modulation known bad CAT control & audio data Yaesu […]