partially completed, slowly on-going, postponed

QO100 Station
RedPitaya TRX or QRM style classifier
QRM measurement w/IC-705
Illumination for 35mm film rewind table (Image)
LEO station at DL0RUSongoing2023-12
Hamnet map in offline mode
HF receive antenna for shack
Portable power for contest/field days (solar and LiFePo4)
AT-100 tuner kit assemblyassembled except coupler
Handheld configuration: DMR simplex, sms for WX, RSSI, MMDVM, 4pin Headset
IC-705 integration: FLdigi, WSJT-X, WinTest overWiFi; 4pin headset
Technics 1210 mark 7 integration into Sonos (Five and web radio)
HF ground plane: tune 10m, extensions, polarization switchtest failed
ZS6BKW: tuneoperational