LEO ground station


  • Operate LEO and MEO sattelites
    • main focus
  • Operate terrestrial stations in contest/DX
    • limited power
    • collocated to 70cm relais DB0NJ in FM and DMR
  • Experiment with
    • polarization horiztal, vertical, LHCP, RHCP
    • compare to 2m/6m beam
    • (later) RX preamp
    • (later) TX high power


Make & ModelYaesu FT-857D by DL0RUS
Expectationno modifications or known issues
CAT control & audio dataSignalLink USB from IC-756proIII
make up wire harness, sockets available
MicrophoneMH-31 stock, working
Powerstock sockets, working
Make & ModelYaesu FT-857D by DL1XMW
ExpectationMic modulation known bad
CAT control & audio dataYaesu SCU-17, Cat Cable CT62
MicrophoneMH-31 incomplete Mod M0UKD
PowerXT-60 connectior maybe shared with other radio

next steps:

  • Verify against R&S CMA180
    • Voice SSB, Voice FM, Data SSB, Data FM (packet)
    • RX sensitivity on speaker jack and data out
    • TX on Mic and data in, output power
  • Complete Mic mod on Radio #2
  • Decide on power supply
    • Determine DC power consumtion on 2m@50W and 70cm@25W
    • option1: share one for both radios, expect full duplex, but not SO2R
    • option2: bring extra PSU, temporarily solutions available


2m X-Quad w/ polarization switchassembled
2m X-Quad w/ polarization switchassembled
GFK Boom 2m x 50mmordered
concrete tilesChris
HF- and Control Cablesarrived
Elevation rotor and control
arrived, repaired
many thanks DOK C12
Azimut rotor and control
Emotator, two candidates
thanks DOK C12
mechanically ok, add grease, updates
indication drive needs to be replaced
Local OperationRotors: have working control boxes
Polarisation: require PoC switchboard
Remote operationRotors: decide on USB interface or DIY control box
Polarisation: some DIY arduino box

Next steps

  • Design
    • Determine position of rotors
      • upper bearing for azimut rotor?
      • join azimut and elvation rotor on top of mast
    • Control box to control polarisation (optional rotors) from NodeRed
  • Order
    • USB interface for rotors
    • components for control boxes
    • controller interfaces
  • Build
    • Polarization cables
    • PoC switchboard for polarization (connectors, power supply from TRX)
    • Assemble mast
      • concrete tiles
      • rotors
      • boom
      • polarization switches
      • cables
      • antennas


PCshared w/ QO-100
packet radio modems
virtual audio cable
DashboardTab next to HF and QO-100
mains power switch for TRX and rotator

Next steps

  • Set up PC
  • Set up dashboard