I have a collection of bought and DIY’d antennas

Transmit Antennas


  • Diamond D-190 discone for 70cm upwards with 2m whip
    • TX possible on 2m, 70cm.
    • RX hampered by bad RG58 cables with PL connectors.
  • Ground plane 2m/70cm build from BNC socket and solid wire
  • Ground plane 2m/70cm build from BNC socket copper plate and copper welding rods
  • LogPer 2m/70cm design by OE3MZC (build instructions) (defunct)
    • hard to adjust/tune
  • Yagi 2m design by DK7ZB
    • used for contesting in 2022, works great. 70cm too.
  • Yagi 70cm design by DK7ZB (incomplete)
  • 2 POTY feeds for 2.4GHz QO-100
  • wlan grid 90cm for 2.4GHz 90cm
  • wlan yagi for 2.4GHz
  • Arrow Antenna 146/437-10BP w/Duplexer (to be tesed)


I prefer resonant antennas, as my radio do not come with antenna tuners build in. I possess a MFJ Deluxe Versatuner 2, but that’s tedious to operate in the field

There is a partially assembled AT-100 kit, but that’s for another day.

I tend to use 1:1 (choke) baluns at the feed points and and for noise suppression at the transeiver.


Resonant multiband designed by ZS6BKW, derived from GR5V.

13.75m dipol wires, 12.22m + x Wireman CQ-553 as depiced in this build instruction by DL9NBJ.


end-fed half wave dipole. Basically un-un with a 3 to 21/24 turn ratio resulting in a 1:49 / 1:64 impedance transformation. Optional counter-poise connected to the balkony or portable, a run of 6m coax to the transceiver.

Used with various wires on

  • 80m band and higher (40m wire)
  • 20m band (10m wire)
  • 10m band (5m wire)

Ground plane collection 10m and lower

A basic 10m ground plane with optional wire extentions to 12m, 15m, 17m, …
Not in view: choke balun (1:1) in the feed point.

Some success in 10m contest on 2022-01-07, but tuning was way to low.

Moxxon for 6m

good results, but disassemled

Receive Antennas

Magnetic Antennas

Youloop passive magnetic

MegaLoop MLA-30+ active loop

Electically short antennas

Following a design called MiniWhip by PA0RDT

Pre-assembled marked RA0SMS

Mini whip RA0SMS

Kit version marked IP33

Dummy loads

  • QRPLabs 20W resistors, good for HF w/ BNC socket
  • Spinner 80W DC-3GHz w/ N jack
  • Spinner 400W DC-3GHz w/ 7/16 jack and variable 4 port coupler
  • some RF resistors, not integrated
  • attenuators 5W 40dB, 1W 5db,10dB, 20dB
  • 3 port variable coupler N jacks