virtual realm of Michael B. J. Weber, Munich


  You can find some of my pictures on my soup.io blog (category own).


  In summer 2010 I started volunteering the Gentoo Linux Project as regular developer. You can track my "work" at cia.vc and browse thru my dev overlay (layman -a xmw).


  software mirror, mostly projects I packaged for Gentoo.
Take a look at sabotage, a complete static linux distro by chneukirchen


  My Xorg desktop setup with zsh, screen, cwm, xbindkeys, dmenu, trayer, conky(Forecast), et al.


  temporarily shared files




  Feel free to call me or send me a letter (`whois xmw.de`).
Email givename at domain dot de GnuPG 0x66817BD62B3020CA
Fingerprint 9426 7E0E 89DC 2A18 50B4 34F5 6681 7BD6 2B30 20CA
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Mobil +4917623754512
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